Spec Project Concept: For those who strive to live a healthy lifestyle, salads have become a widely popular option for many people. This campaign works to promote Saladworks as a strong choice for those looking to find a healthy, fresh, and nutritious salad as a meal. The ability for customers to build their own salads to their liking is also something that is strongly expressed through this campaign as a way of attracting people who prefer personalizing their meals to fit their wants and needs.
Copy: Compromises should never have to be made when choosing a health-conscious meal. Here at Saladworks, we provide you with the tools to craft your own healthy creations, ingredient by ingredient. Our fresh produce and seasonal fixings allow you to be the owner of your own tasty invention, so you can truly indulge in a delicious salad.
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How will you build?
Constructing your dream salad has never been easier. With fresh, seasonal offerings, how could you go wrong? Add one of our signature winter ingredients to your creation for free during this weekend only!
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